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Jon Whitworth is a professional commercial mediator accredited with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in London. Jon specialises in guiding disputing parties to a satisfactory resolution.

Jon has enjoyed an unusual professional career in conflict resolution and high-stakes decision making. He spent twenty years at Control Risks Group, the world’s leading crisis management consultancy, advising clients globally in the worst of situations such as kidnaps, extortions and other life-threatening scenarios. Before joining Control Risks, Jon had front-line operational roles in the Ministry of Defence and the British Army. He has also worked as a scaffolder, a deep-sea diver and on a fishing trawler.

Cumulatively, these experiences have made Jon a truly grounded and calm individual. He brings exceptional humility to his work, born of the extraordinary and stressful situations he has worked in and navigated successfully.  He is able to bring all of this ability to identify and focus on the relevant issues, guiding and coaching people to a resolution irrespective of the obstacles faced. He has worked all around the world, across a diverse spectrum of cultures and in demanding, often hostile environments.

Jon’s ability to mediate a wide range of commercial disputes is further enhanced with a solid business background. He spent ten years successfully developing and running multi million pound businesses for Control Risks throughout the Europe, Middle Eastern and African regions.

Jon holds an MSc in Security and Risk Management from Leicester University. He was educated at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He is also a professional member of the International Stress Management Association.

You can view Jon’s bio here.

Jon’s mediation practice operates under the highest professional standards, follows the European Code of Conduct For Mediators and has all the required professional insurances.

“I highly recommend Jon’s skills as a mediator. I have known him for close to twenty years and have seen him unravel the most complex of problems all around the world often under considerable pressure to get a result. He has the patience, perseverance and  empathy needed to help people find a way through to a negotiated settlement. He instils confidence and trustworthiness along with an ability to help the most antagonistic of parties to find a sensible way forward and a sense of closure to some truly vexed situations. He has a lifetime of extraordinary experiences that means nothing is going to surprise or faze him.”

Richard Fenning

Manchester Square Partners. Former CEO, Control Risks.

“I have known Jon for 10 years in his former role as a response consultant and always had the greatest respect for his insight, integrity and calm presence in the most challenging of circumstance. He is certainly the person I would want advising me in a complex and difficult mediation situation.”

Dr. Lesley Perman-Kerr B.Sc(Hons) Ph.D.C.Psychol AFBPsS

Consultant Counselling Psychologist.

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