Workplace Mediation

There are significant advantages to using an independent mediator for workplace disputes, particularly in demonstrating neutrality.

The same principles and process apply but in a slightly different format in that each party has a much longer introductory meeting, between one and two hours, before the joint meeting.

The aim is typically to repair and preserve relationships between employees or employees and employers.

The focus is frequently agreeing future behaviour. The agreement is more morally binding rather than legal. . Unlike a commercial mediation it is more likely to be achieved through a succession of shorter meetings.

Typically, the employer pays for the mediation which is charged by the hour.

Jon’s strengths in workplace mediation originate from his extensive range of corporate management and leadership roles ranging from an Army Officer to serving on regional executive committees and assisting ‘C’ suit managers through extreme crises all around the globe.

I have particular experience in:


  • Working in high and extreme security environments.
  • Distance management.
  • Expatriate management.
  • Business start-ups.
  • Security and risk assessments.
  • Crisis planning
  • Investigations
  • Cross cultural projects.
  • Offshore and undersea operations.
  • Managing change.
  • Creation and implementation of strategy.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Remote expeditions.
  • Working with NGO’s.
  • PTSD and other mental health issues.
Jon Whitworth mediator